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Hostal Montecarlo is a superb hostel located at Gran Via street, at Madrid center.

Hostal Montecarlo offers spacious and comfortable rooms decorated in a classical style. The rooms at Hostal Montercalo at Madrid are treated with special care and delivered in the best conditions for our customers in order to achieve the maximum satisfaction and comfort during your visit to Madrid.

At Hostel Montecarlo we have a professional staff to assist you in anything you need. If you want to visit Madrid, at Hostel Montecarlo you will enjoy a high quality accommodation at reduced rates at Madrid center.

Montecarlo Hostel Pictures

Visit the photo gallery of Hostel Montecarlo, excellent rooms at Madrid center.

Hostel Montecarlo rates

Book OnLine at the lowest rates at Hostel Montecarlo at Madrid with nLine confirmation.

Montecarlo Hostel ** Hostel at Gran Via Street, Madrid

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